What’s your favorite Halloween trick or treat?



OutreachNC asked adults and children our October question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.


Smarties candy for a treat. —Ann, 57

Take 5 candy bars. —David, 61

Snickers. —Roberto, 80

When I was too old to go trick-or-treating and would stay home and make popcorn with my mom to give out to kids that came to the house and seeing all the different costumes.  —Connie, 64

I still love to carve a pumpkin.  —Ann, 69

Back in the day, we would go out at sunset and walk to every house in the neighborhood. Everyone went door to door, and people were friendly. And the candy was big stuff—full-size candy bars, full-size Tootsie Rolls, dimes and quarters, and homemade popcorn balls. It was always worth the trip!  —Carol, 67

I still love Smarties and Snickers. —Kathryn, 54

Going out with friends using pillow cases for treat bags and sitting in the yard afterwards eating candy. —Ben, 69

Candy corn. —Augustus, 69

Mary Jane’s peanut butter kisses and candied apples. —Sara, 71

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.   —Mark, 56

Getting candy, especially Snickers, as we didn’t get much candy except at Halloween.  —John, 65

Old-fashioned cinnamon balls. —Henry, 76

Candy corn, because sometimes they have little pumpkins in them. —Tanner, 5

Scaring trick or treaters when they come to the door for candy.  —Brian, 12

Candy. —Timmy, 5

My favorite trick or treat is I don’t know. —Lawson, 5

Kit Kat, because they have chocolate in them. —Harper, 5

Every candy, because all of the candies are delicious, sweet and delicious. — Brennen, 6

Roasting pumpkin seeds with my dad. —Anna, 11

Candy, because I like candy.  — Gabriella, 5

Being a super hero, because I like super heroes. —Chloe, 5

Eating candy and dressing up. Those are my two favorites.  —Evelyn, 5

My favorite is eating chocolate and dressing up for Halloween as Elsa. — Haley, 5

I like candy, because I think it tastes good, and because I get to dress up. —Charlotte, 5

Cheese, because it’s orange like me and Halloween, but I can eat it all year long.  —OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 3