The 5th Anniversary: OutreachNC Magazine

By Gayvin Powers

Five years of gratitude. This month marks the fifth anniversary of OutreachNC’s first issue, featured Commander Ronnie Comer of the Sandhills Honor Guard, and we’re now bringing you some exclusive, archived photos, including pins from the original Honor Guard photo shoot. Since 2010, we’ve helped you navigate lifestyle choices. This is for you; take a look at some of the highlights over the years.


Bronks_October 2013

At the heart of our readership are people over 50, encompassing the greatest generation and baby boomers. To celebrate the two generations, we’ve brought our readers stories that inspire and encourage them, including features about John Schneider, Paula Deen, Richard Petty, General Mills, Greg Fishel, Mary Kay Andrews, Woody Durham, Roy Underhill, Peggy Kirk Bell, and Sylvia Hatchel — to name some. For readers who need solid advice, North Carolina experts in the fields of health care, planning, law, retirement and government are not only some of our readers but also monthly contributors. This is a celebration of all the people within the community who have come together to help make the second 50 years even better.



In celebration of the second 50 years of life, the magazine was founded with the intention of bringing hope and inspiration to readers. A vibrant joy illuminates, regardless of age, when friends, family and intergenerational relationships get together, making life that much sweeter. It reveals what it truly means to be “young at heart.”


blue ridge parkway-2012

(Blue Ridge Parkway)

Over the last five years, OutreachNC has taken readers from the mountains to the beaches and waterways, rural farms to table locations, bustling villages, towns and cities. All the while, a focus on life enhancing options for retirees has been at the forefront of these gorgeous destinations.


civil war room

(Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church)

North Carolina is rich in history and culture, making much of its past still accessable today, including countless historic sites that define the foundation of the state. The House in the Horseshoe in Carthage and Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church in Laurinburg are two examples of many places that provide insight into what it was like during the Revolutionary and Civil wars. Reenactments are still performed each year at House in the Horseshoe, where patriots battle against loyalists. Meanwhile, the bell tower at Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church still carries the hand written names of young soldiers, in General William Tecumseh Sherman’s Union Army, who used the spot as an observation tower.



(Blessing of the Hounds)

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”    – Melody Beattie



(Banana Pudding, Rhett’s)

Music & Arts


Excerpt from Unafraid by Amy Grant

…My lovely mother is getting on in years

And the way her body’s aging brings her girls to tears

The way she trembles with each effort she makes

She just says Heaven’s getting closer each day

“Cause love has made

Love has made

Love has made

Has made her unafraid

Love could make

Love can make

Love will make

Make you unafraid…

Music and the arts have been an important part of the South, connecting and communicating to make uplift people within the community. North Carolina has a long tradition of talented artists, including singers, song writers, potters, painters, furniture makers, entertainers, filmmakers and actors. OutreachNC   has focused on showcasing seasoned artists  who give back to the community, such as Amy Grant, William Mangum, Harry Connick, Jr., and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Thank You


Thank You for reading OutreachNC

We look forward to seeing you for years to come.