Amanda Bearse’s daily gratitude journal listing five things she is grateful for inspired me to do the same. So easy to focus on daily challenges. I want to get off that train and jump on the grateful train. I love the articles in the March issue. 

Bobbie, 72 

After leaving the February issue of Outreach NC at my mother’s (while visiting her in NH) she proceeded to phone me three times in one day to discuss articles she enjoyed. I promptly ordered her a subscription. Thank you for the wonderful work! 

Laura S. 

Thank you for your article regarding vertigo and physical therapy. My mother suffers from vertigo, and I am going to be looking into help for her using physical therapy. I really appreciate having this information. 

Bob, 54

Dear Bob,
Many readers called and emailed regarding Dr. Morrison’s article “Physical Therapy: Vertigo.” We failed to include the telephone number of her practice, Total Body Therapy & Wellness, which is located in Lillington. Let us remedy that now! To reach Dr. Morrison you may call 910-893-2850 and visit 
Thanks for reaching out!

Thank you for bringing such an informative magazine to our community. The articles are relevant to the challenges we face as we grow older. We love the breadth of topics you cover and the way in which you present them. Keep up the great work! 

Bill & Lindsey, 60s