With summer right around the corner, we are considering our cool beverage options. Besides wine spritzers, mint juleps and good old fashioned water from the garden hose, we’re beginning to hanker for iced coffee. 

Here are three ways to brew the beverage that gets us up and keeps us going…all morning, day and year long. 

Classic Cold Brew

Combine coarsely ground coffee beans and water (in a French press, for example), wait and then strain. We used to call this “Cowboy Coffee” during my Peace Corps days, when we used tea strainers and tin mugs. No matter what you call it, pour that elixir over ice and pair it with chocolate. 

Japanese Iced Coffee Method

Popular across the web, Japanese iced coffee is a method of brewing coffee with less water (particularly with the pour-over method) to brew a stronger, heartier coffee. The idea is that, when the hot coffee hits the ice, the coffee with be perfectly diluted and not overly-diluted. 

We know. Brilliant. 

Vietnamese Iced Coffee 

Even for those of us who don’t add sugar to our coffee, we somehow have a soft spot in our hearts for Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It’s simple and easily made at home; although we love it with Thai and Vietnamese food on a hot day, the perfect juxtaposition to the spices of a Panang Curry or Ca Ri Ga. 

For the recipe, simply pour sweetened condensed milk into a glass, add coffee and stir. Then, add your ice, mix it together and enjoy.