Home Staging: Summer Staging Secrets

Summer is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. When your house is on the market during this time, your buyers will be looking for a home that shows how they can enjoy the outdoors too. Not only do you have to make sure the inside is appealing, but the outdoor spaces need to be enticing too. Let me share some summer staging secrets you can use to make your home stand out above the competition.

Curb appeal

Summertime is when we spend most of our time outside, so make sure the outside looks appealing. If you have a front porch, provide some comfy seating so potential buyers can imagine themselves sitting there with a glass of Southern sweet tea. Colorful throw pillows, a side table and potted plants also make a great first impression. Don’t go overboard with too much lawn décor because this detracts from the home. Keep it simple and don’t crowd the front step with too many plants.

If you have kids or grandkids visiting, make sure their bikes and outdoor toys are put away each day. Don’t leave them strewn about on the lawn but show where they can be neatly stored in your garage.

Summer storms

Summer storms are notorious around here and they can cause a lot of damage. When your home is on the market, be sure to quickly clean up any fallen debris or washed out flower beds after a storm. If you are no longer living in the home, make sure your lawn maintenance crew can get out there to clean it up. Weeds pop up overnight here too, so keep a bottle of weed killer handy to keep your driveway and walkways neat and tidy.

Indoor colors

When temperatures heat up, we naturally want to cool down. That is why it is best to use “cool” colors when decorating your home to sell in the summer. Avoid red items if possible because that color exudes warmth and makes it feel hotter in the home than it really is. White is also another good “cool” color to use in accents because it makes the interior feel light and airy. Use these colors with throw pillows, bed sheets, artwork and accessories.


Finally, if you have a backyard, show buyers how they can entertain their friends. Use patio furniture and add cushions in fun summer colors with string lights around your patio to create a fun family atmosphere. If you have a pool, make sure it is cleaned every day. If you have a deck, make sure it is power washed and cleaned to make the space look new again.

Fire pits are also a great way to entertain your friends, but make sure yours looks appealing. Add some chairs with new outdoor cushions. Clean the ashes out of the fire pit and leave it empty or stack some wood.

By providing outdoor seating, adding some summer color to your porch or deck and keeping your property tidy, your home will stand out among the competition this summer.

Kasia McDaniel, a Home Stager and Certified Interior Decorator at Blue Diamond Staging can be reached at 910-745-0608 or by visiting www.bluediamondstaging.com