Generations: What makes your house feel like home?

OutreachNC asked adults and children our May question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

A dog. Always a dog. – Amy, 43

When my mom cooks dinner and it’s warm. – Johnny, 7

Good lighting and fresh flowers. – Andrea, 45

My goldfish. – Peyton, 8

Having family around. – Philippe, 54

Listening to my mom play the piano. – Erik, 5

My wife. – Bob, 73

Sunshine through a window and a plant on a windowsill. I have to have some outside on the inside. – Leigh, 82

Grilled cheese sandwiches and Legos. – Joe, 6

Flowers, music, books, drinking coffee in the morning and making a nice dinner to share with someone you love. And dogs. – Allegra, 65

My Star Wars sheets. – Peter, 9

My family and my dog. – Adam, 36

My Gomma (92 year old great-grandmother). – Louisa, 3

Coffee in my favorite mugs and snuggling with Louisa in jammies. – Stephanie, 35