Generations: What is your favorite summer memory?

OutreachNC asked adults and children our August question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

Berry picking with my mom. My brother ate the green strawberries every year and got sick, every year. I remember the dust and the car ride home, no seatbelts back then, just rolling around eating berries and anxious to get home. – Amy, 43

Disney World. We take the train overnight and get there in the morning. My parents are tired. Not me. – Jason, 12

Fishing on our lake in the Adirondacks. – Madison, 60

The ice cream truck. My dad gave us all his quarters to save throughout the year, and we’d keep them for the ice cream man. – John, 63

Playing with my grandma’s dog. He has long ears that touch the ground. He’s a good friend. – Tessa, 8

Rain storms. We had a tin roof, and the sound of the rain hitting that roof was what I heard during nap time when I was a kid. Every time a big summer storm comes now, I get tired. – Janice, 76 

Riding my bike and not having to go home to do my homework. – Bryce, 11

Making ice cream. My mom has the best recipe for vanilla. The whole family uses it. We put fresh strawberries over the top, and the kids get to lick the beater. I remember as a kid doing that, licking the beater. Those were good times. – Ray, 47

We move in the summer. My dad’s military, so when I think of the summers, I think of car trips and being with my parents. It’s hard at the time, but it’s fun actually to do it together. – Meg, 14

I played baseball all summer when I was a kid. We had a few neighborhood boys who played together. It wasn’t fancy like it is today. No lights or mowed fields or concession stands. We played in the fields just outside town. We played until it got dark. Then we went home for dinner. I miss it now. – Joe, 83

Fishing with my grandpa. It’s the only time we have time. The rest of the time, there’s school and soccer practice and taekwondo. But in the summer, we can spend all day. My mom packs us sandwiches and lets me eat bologna because Grandpa likes it. – Jamie, 10

Fourth of July up in Rhode Island. It was my grandmother’s house, and we’d sit on the seawall and eat watermelon. It was so sunny and warm. That was a great place to be a kid. – Michael, 55

When my mom bakes fresh blueberry pie. Or blackberry. Or cherry. Just pie, I guess. – Natalie, 16 

Capture the Flag with my cousins. We all got together on the farm in Oklahoma. Our parents would sit after dinner and talk and drink tea, and we’d play Capture the Flag until they told us to go to bed. – James, 63

Bonfires and s’mores. – Becca, 17

Taking the kids out on our ski boat on at Crab Orchard Lake. We ate KFC chicken for dinner. Family memories are the best memories. – Bobbie, 71