Generations: What is your all-time favorite holiday gift ?

By Barbara Hengstenberg and AOS staff

OutreachNC asked adults and children our December question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

What is your all-time favorite holiday gift ?

A ring with two diamonds from my husband – one for being his true love, and one for being his best friend. – Donna, 65

Our first daughter, born a week before Christmas, so we named her Christine. – Mary Ann, 71

Polar Express! (train ride tickets) – Kasjen, 4; Arie, 3

Handmade Christmas ornaments made by my mother, using old shirts once worn by her mom and dad. – Joanie, 35

My best present I ever opened was a Gekko-Mobile. – Ryan, 5

When I was 10, I received a radio-controlled R2-D2 – exactly what I wanted. – Mark, 50

A microscope was the most exciting present I ever received. – Claire, 9

A Chatty Cathy when I was 5. – Patricia, 62

When I was 17, I built my girlfriend (now my wife) a roll-top desk from a kit. The look on her face was worth all the hours it took to complete it. – David, 61

A small plastic snow globe that Dad gave to each of us girls. I collect them to this day. – Barbara, 57

The best holiday gift I ever got were some Hatchimals surprise eggs. – Sarah Gray, 6

When my son was in 4th grade, we gave his teacher (a nun) a cassette player and tape of “The Macarena,” which she loved. The class did “The Macarena” multiple times a day, every day that year. – Janet, 57

The most exciting present I have ever opened was a Bible to read. – Evan, 8

When I was 11, I was only allowed to pick one gift. I wanted a camera, but needed new shoes, so I chose the shoes. I was surprised to open both the shoes and the camera, which my neighbors bought me once they heard my story. – Nancy, 69

My laptop. – Sarah, 8

My favorite gift at Christmas is snow. There is nothing as festive and magical as a snowy Christmas day, like a real-life snow globe. – Ellen, 57

My huge stuffies, but this year I want the arctic Lego set with the saber-toothed tiger. – Lucy, 6

A Schwinn bike, candy-apple red, complete with a banana seat and slick racing tires. – Mick, 58