Generations: What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned this week?

The Harry Potter series contains 1,090,739 words. That’s a lot of writing! – Amy, 43

Not to flush a plastic farmer in the toilet. My dad didn’t like that. At all. – Gavin, 3

The world’s most polluted city is not Beijing but New Delhi, India. – Janice, 57

I learned more about my alphabet letters! – Jonah, 4

My White Chocolate Mocha has enough calories to be a meal. That kind of brought my Monday down a little, but I drank it anyway. It’s the best breakfast around.  – Bob, 72

To tie my shoes with bunny ears. – Timmy, 5

Left-handed people have better memories. I heard that the other day, and I’m left-handed, so I let my husband know that. He wasn’t as impressed. – Louise, 62

That my dog can’t have babies anymore. My mom said the vet did it. – Connor, 7

The world is getting older. Seriously. The whole world. By 2050, 2 billion people will be 60+. – David, 51

How to get a lost ribbon out of a pointe shoe. It’s not easy. – Maggie, 13

How to navigate traffic in the Sandhills on a rainy day. – Susan, 52

Bones are made of collagen. I asked my mom that, and she had to Google it. She said calcium. – Bobby, 12

I heard there is an active volcano in Colorado. Never knew that. That’s pretty interesting. – Joe, 67

I learned about famous people like Susan B. Anthony and Helen Keller. And I got to teach other people about Helen Keller. – Elizabeth, 6