Generations: What adventure would you go on if money were no object?

OutreachNC asked adults and children our July question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

I’d go to a fabulous and outrageously expensive resort tucked into the mountains of the Utah desert. I’d dip into my personal pool and lounge around in a caftan after a morning hike. Something about the desert is so calming. – Amy, 43

To Spain to watch a soccer match. – Bobby, 12

A glamorous African photo safari with every possible amenity in the field. The N. Italian Alps. Back to Antarctica. Hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro with porters. So many choices. – Madison, 60

Bora Bora. Enough said. – Ashley, 37

Dinosaur Valley State Park. It’s in Texas and you can dig for real fossils.
Like, real ones. – Sara, 9

Italy. Wine country. – Michael, 57

To Afghanistan to see my dad. – Peter, 11

I’d hike the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. The mountain scenery is supposed to be beautiful, and I want to do it before my knees give out. – John, 76

Hogwarts. – Kylee, 9

When I was a young man, I always wanted to ride the Trans-Siberian Railway. I don’t know why. I guess it was just this thing all the young men were talking about back then, riding along in the cheap cars, drinking vodka, playing cards. Now, I think about it and it doesn’t sound so romantic. But you know, it lingers. It still sits in my mind. So maybe that. – Gene, 67 

I would take my family to Ireland, England and Scotland to visit historic sites
for a month vacation. – Sherri, 56

To Alaska. I’d bring tools so I could live off the land, like a knife to skin animals and some other tools like an ax. I’d have a snowmobile for winter and a boat.
I’d be a mountain man. – Timmy, 9

I go on an adventure every day, walking my dog through the neighborhood. We look at the flowers and listen to the birds. It’s nice to have adventure at my doorstep. – Alice, 72

Great Wolf Lodge. I have wanted to go since I was little but it’s expensive. But I want to go.
I want to ride on the water slides. – Jason, 8

Scotland – a month-long trip to play the courses and see the sites. – David, 64

Somewhere with my mom. Maybe McDonalds. She’s fun. – Julia, 4