Generations: Name a thing you are an expert in.

One thing that I am an expert in is overcoming adversity. – Shae, 36

Making Shiner Bock bottles empty. – Ray, 47

Playing Foretnite. – Jackson, 12

My neighbors believe I am an expert gardener. Truth is after battling the summer heat, sandy soil, and spending far too much for the newest variety of plants, I now rely on proven winners to make my garden the talk of the neighborhood! – Nancy, 70

Napping. – Sandy, 9 year old canine 

I’m an expert in the fake-until-you-make-it motto of life.
– Ashley, 23

Filling awkward silences with British sarcasm. – Meredith, 17

Statistics and probability. – Kenneth, 53

Being a mom…or….planning an event. – Casi

Helping with fundraising events and organizing events to make people happy. – Rhonda, 60

My former job. – Terry, 74

Singing. – Courtney, 23

Riding a bike. I never fall. Well, not yet. I will probably fall now that I said it. – Kyle, 9

Caregiving. – Kaye, 63

I’m a half-expert in a lot of stuff but expert? I have to think about that. – Kennedy, 17

Procrastination. – Karen, 55

Baking biscuits from scratch, just like my mama. – Ethel, 80

Cake decoration. – Deb, 62

Reading. – Cameron, 7

Comma splice. It’s amazing how often it occurs in ‘edited’ documents. – Amy, 43

Cleaning. – Dustin, 26

I’m an expert in nothing….still learning. –  Melinda 

Math. The numbers just make sense in my brain. – Sarah Gray, 7