Generations: How does your best friend make you laugh?

by Barbara Hengstenberg & ONC Staff

OutreachNC asked adults and children our February question. Share your answer on our Facebook page!  

The eye roll. – Becky, 69

When my best friend, Matthew, plays jokes on me. – Nolan, 5

The perfect snarky meme. – Michelle, 35

He tells me funny jokes and riddles. – Leo, 12

All those “remember whens.” – Donna, 65

She will bring up inside jokes or sometimes tell me something randomly like a dream she had. She starts laughing and then I start laughing, too. – Nora, 13

By having no filter. – Amy, 50

My dog is my best friend, and I laugh when she howls at the fire engines. – Bobby, 11

Just thinking of her and all our antics makes me laugh.
– Lori, 52

My best friend, Jayda, makes me laugh when she makes funny faces and acts silly. – Ale, 8

That one little look between friends or family can set me off into hysterics. – Donna, 68

When he says, “Oh, I forgot my pants,” and then he walks backwards. – Briana, 6

When she reminds me of the “old ole days” and memories shared. – Leanne, 37

My friends aren’t funny. – Owen, 11

Talking about memories of things that happened years ago. – Cindy, 70

When she imitates our moms talking at Starbucks. – Megan, 12

The infectious sound of her giggle and the twinkle in her eye when she’s heard something funny. – Ellen, 57.

When he opens his mouth when he chews his food. Hahahaha. – Gabe, 7

When we meet up and commiserate, just knowing each other “gets it.” – Barbara, 57

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