From the Editor – March 2020

By February 26, 2020Editor's Notebook

As I sit in my office on a chilly Monday morning, the kids off to school and meetings in full-swing for everyone else, it’s quiet and I think of our theme this month: house and home. My mind conjures up the typical images of food served on a table, laundry floating down a hallway, an errant sock escaping into a dusty corner only to be discovered five minutes too late, a bathtub filling with warm water at the end of a long day when one’s body cries out for something soothing before the relief of bed. But as I get older and time slows down, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words seem to make more sense to me when I think of home. 

The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.

Isn’t it so true? Through the years, when all the cooking is done and the bathtubs have been drained and the laundry is folded and put away, it is the people who have wandered those halls, sat at those tables and put a hand on our shoulder when even a hot bath couldn’t soothe us that make a house a home. It is our friends who frequent us that end up connecting us, starting with two and then four and then six and so on until somehow we grow. 

In this month’s issue we explore the practical side of house and home with tips on hiring a handy man for the everyday chores and projects we keep meaning to tackle (p. 48). We also hear from a Moore County hidden hometown hero who helps other women find homes of their own after struggle and hardship (p. 34) and continue our series on Aging Around the World with a peek into what it’s like to grow older in France (p. 54). Jeeves is catting around, as usual, so keep an eye out for him. And as a special treat, Brady Beck highlights natural home habitats in his photo essay (p. 40). 

We’ve also got plenty of recipes for filling your homes with all those enticing smells and fresh-from-the-oven treats to serve your friends when they frequent your porches, dining tables and over-stuffed armchairs, preferably with glasses of whiskey or mugs of coffee and a good story or two on hand. 

In friendship, Amy