This month, with the first hints of spring, there is hopefulness in the air. As I anticipate rising temperatures, blooming wisteria and the return of chilled white after a few months of solid red wine, I can’t help but feel spring brings with it a sense of adventure, the notion that the seasons breathe new life not only into the outdoors but perhaps even into each of us. I think of new possibilities, make plans and start dreaming a bit about summer cocktails, iced coffee and front-porch sitting. 

To that end, we’re looking ahead and dedicating this issue of OutreachNC to Navigating New Frontiers. Whether it’s a small shift, like picking up a new craft or changing up a workout routine, or a dramatic change, like taking up an entirely new sport or literally flying off into the horizon, life is full of new adventures, challenges and frontiers. The second 50 is the perfect time to shed what hasn’t worked in the past or lean into the dreams or desires that have existed in the periphery while we focused on the tasks of daily life. Whether navigating a new frontier by choice or because of circumstances beyond our control, attitude is everything, so we’re hoping we can embrace change, go forward into our dreams with bright eyes and open hearts and explore the unknown in ways that challenge and change us. 

We’re looking this month at a group of pilots who love not only the thrill of flight but the excitement of passing their passion along to the younger generation of potential pilots who might otherwise never consider taking off (page 30).

We’re putting our gloves on (literally) as two middle-aged women learn the art of kickboxing and self-defense from a good old-fashioned local boy and Hollywood stuntman who isn’t afraid to tell one of us (me), “Baby love, you’re starting in the first grade here” (page 44). 

In our Hidden Hometown Heroes feature, we’re highlighting a former technology professional who joined the sheriff’s department at the age of 60, to pursue his passion of giving back (page 38). 

Don’t think we forgot about the sweet side on the horizon, either. We’ve got glazed croissants and chocolate layer cake from Burney’s Sweets & More of Fayetteville to keep our energy reserves full as we go forth into the brave unknown
(page 54). 

It’s exciting to see what’s on the horizon as we all navigate new frontiers, far and wide, big and small.

Upward and onward,



In our February 2019 issue, we made a few mistakes. These include omitting the measurement for buttermilk in the banana bread recipe, which has caused a flurry of doubt in many readers. The exact measurement is 1/2 CUP of buttermilk.
In addition, as if the buttermilk didn’t throw you off enough, the butter should be 3/4 CUP. We know – the more the better!

Also, the correct address for Aroma Cafe and Bakery is 105 Monroe Street | Carthage, NC 28327; though you can’t miss the awning and scent of cinnamon bread.

Our apologies.