As the final weeks of winter hover, it’s a hopeful thing to think about love. I’m tempted, like anyone would be, to write about romantic love or the love between a mother and her children, but there are so many other shades of love sitting right in front of us, quiet and unassuming. If I stop, lean back and close my eyes, I can picture the tiniest forms of love present in my every day life, much like Anne Sexton’s poem “Welcome Morning,” in which she writes,

There is joy

in all:

in the hair I brush each morning,

in the Cannon towel, newly washed, 

that I rub my body with each morning

So it is with love. There is love in the cup of coffee steaming beside me now, keeping me warm on this bright and chilly morning. There is love in the smell of my children moving down the hallway and even in a sassy retort when said child is, well, grumpy.  There is love in the food we eat, the hands we shake and the cars we drive to and from the places we work, relax and rest…and love. 

How we manifest love and the ways in which we receive it are as varied and unique as the person experiencing love. 

This month, we hear from a man whose love of the game and life in general keeps him active, thriving and joy-filled into his 9th generation (p. 38). We explore wedding planning and celebrating after the age of 50, when many marry for the first time or again, wiser and perhaps more confident than the first time around (p. 52), and we step back in time with a couple in Aberdeen whose love of history and restoration is bringing new life to the old Page Mansion (p. 34). Jeeves is also cavorting through the pages, so be on the lookout for him as we continue Where is Jeeves? Let us know when you find him on Facebook. He likes to feel special.  

We’re also celebrating 10 years of love for this magazine, OutreachNC, which began as a newsletter and has grown and flourished over the last decade. We feel incredible love and gratitude for our community, our readers, and our staff. We offer up a collection of the best quotes (p. 48) from 10 years of thought-provoking, heart-felt interviews. 

We hope everyone stops for a moment this month and gives thanks for the love around us. Sexton said it best, in the final words of “Welcome Morning,” 

The Joy that isn’t shared, I’ve heard

dies young. 

In love,