From the desks of the Publisher and Editor

Greetings and Happy New Year from OutreachNC

As we jump feet-first into 2019, our first order of business is announcing a new voice in the OutreachNC community: Please welcome our new editor in chief, Amy Phariss. Amy comes to us from right here in Moore County and is a writer, editor, researcher, military spouse, mother of two and lover of dogs. We look forward to continuing providing the region with on-point content exploring how to navigate our best lives from 50+, whether it’s killing your mahjong game, finding the best volunteering fit for retirement, starting a second career or finally learning to duck hunt (bird dogs flopped on the bed of a truck after a day in the water). We’re excited to dig deeper, learn more and reach further this year with Amy’s vision and direction. With that…..Amy….take it away….

Thanks, Amy (and yes, we sometimes feel as if we’re writing to ourselves). 

Let me first say, I am thrilled to transition from a writer for OutreachNC to the magazine’s editor in chief. Having lived in Moore County several years ago and returning for good, I am excited to connect  with our vibrant community and explore all of the towns, counties and coffee shops in the surrounding areas, from Lumberton to Lillington, Rockingham to Raeford, and everywhere in between. 

I love the message of OutreachNC, the idea that we are making the second 50 years of our lives the best years. I sat with my husband recently, by the fire, chatting about our own future. As we begin considering our second 50 and his looming retirement from military service, we’ve asked ourselves how we envision our second act. My husband says it reminds him of a football game, and we’re at half-time. “The first half of the game, you’re figuring out the other team, your own team, strengths and weaknesses, all that,” he said. “Then you’ve got half-time to review, think about what’s going wrong and how to fix it, look at what’s working, all that.” The second half, that’s the magic. That’s when we get to go back into the game with intention, knowing who we are, how we play and what we want. There’s a focus and determination in the second half that comes with having played the first. There’s confidence in your skills, knowledge of yourself and your team, and the excitement of realizing the clock is running down and every decision, every play matters.  

We want OutreachNC to be a part of those plays. We want to hear from readers, explore new ideas, meet the people in our communities who lift us up and keep us going (so often without praise or applause), and we want to do it together, as a team. 

Make no mistake, we’ve got plans. We’re rolling out a year-long OutreachNC Book Club this year, including reviews from Jeeves (resident literary critic and reading lounger), digging into hard-hitting issues that impact the community, and interviewing the hidden heroes among us. We’ll talk finances, health and wellness, and keep everyone in-the-loop on the best places to find cinnamon rolls, donuts and baked goods throughout the seasons. 

This is, in many ways, the sweet side of life, these next 50 years. We will navigate difficult subjects, endure hardship and lean on our faith. But we will also eat apple fritters, drink steaming cups of coffee, run marathons, find new purpose and lean on each other. 

Here’s to a year of adventure, new frontiers, finding faith and fostering the friendships that get us through the hard times and make the sweet times even sweeter.

Onward and upward,