Assignment OutreachNC: Pet Pics WINNERS

As die-hard animal lovers over here at OutreachNC, we tossed out the idea of a pet pic contest for our June issue. It was one of those random suggestions, at one of those meetings where everyone is fueled on multiple cups of coffee and pastries. Little did we know when we put out the call for pictures how fun it was all going to be. We have spent hours pouring over adorable, clever, endearing pictures of all of your pets. There are cats, dogs, horses and the occasional rabbit, bird or even insect. It’s all a wonderful reminder that pets aren’t always a cat or dog, that animals impact our lives in a myriad of ways and that the love of an animal shines through even in a picture. 

We struggled immensely choosing the three winners. We had multiple staff meetings, sighed heavily as we narrowed our list and finally invited our First Place Winner to the cottage for what turned out to be an adorable photo shoot. 

We are excited to announce OutreachNC’s Pet Pic Contest Winners…..(drum roll, please)………

Remy is a one-year-old rescued bulldog with personality to spare. He flops in the heat, his tongue slung out the side of his mouth, as he pants, sighs and eventually lowers his entire head to the pavement and gives us sad-sack eyes, pleading for a treat. He was a joy to capture on film, and we are thrilled to know that Remy has a loving home now after a hard start in life. 

Fiona is another rescued pet. She came to her family from Animal Advocates of Moore County. Originally named Snowflake, her proud new moniker is Fiona Snow Taylor. Her owners tell us Fiona is VERY playful, super cuddly, and a bundle of energy. 

Guiness is a seven year old male German Shepherd.  He is a very athletic boy. Guiness is discerning when it comes to play things; his favorite ball is a lacrosse ball.  He loves to play frisbee. His other favorite activity is swimming.  He loves people especially when they play with him!!  He lives with his brother Cole, a lab/Hound mix, two cats and two horses, so he’s a social pup. 

Here are some of our favorite honorable mentions…

…but wait! There’s more! Keep scrolling to see more of our reader Pet Pic Contest entries.

The AOS Staff loves to show off their pets as well.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest!

Of course, no Pet Issue would be complete without our fabulous, feline co-editor Jeeves. Here is just a sampling of Jeeves’ photogenic moments.