Where is the Best Place for Grandchildren to Travel with Grandparents?

By Gayvin Powers

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.08.38 AM OutreachNC asked school-aged children and adults 50 and over the same question to find out their thoughts about life and getting older.

Here are their responses:

Where is the best place for grandchildren to travel with grandparents?

Adults 50+

The best place to take grandchildren on a warm summer day is to the park for a nice picnic.- Robbie, 67

The best place to take your grandchildren would be to historical sites around town to tell them stories about your childhood and what life was like growing up around their age. – Harry, 69

Amusements parks and museums. Tonight I am taking my granddaughter to dinner. They cater to their grandchildren, they also take them to church and Sunday school, this is very important; grandparents should have faith. – Betsy, 87

Six Flags and the beach, especially in the summer time. – Marion, 86

School-Aged Children

Disney is the best place on earth, so my Tata (Grandma) can kiss Mickey.  -Kate, 9, The Academy of Moore County (TAMC)

To the beach because they can relax and get into the water. Kids can have fun and the grandparents can be lazy. -Andrew, 8, TAMC

Kids should go on vacation to Myrtle Beach with their grandparents.  – Meghan, 8, St. John Paul II Catholic School (SJPII)

I would go to the train station with my grandparents because we went there before and it was fun. – Stephen, 6, SJPII

I would take my grandparents to a video game place because I love it there. – Xavier, 7, SJPII

I would go to a cottage in Egypt with my grandparents, because it would be cool! – Katie, 6, SJPII