What’s your lucky charm?

by Ann Robson & Michelle Goetzl

OutreachNC asked adults and children our March question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

A yellow jacket that brings me luck when I go to a casino.  Jacket is getting a little ragged but I think it still works, so I keep it with me. —Liz, 77

As far as a lucky charm? I don’t have one. Never had one. Closest I can come to such is the Ten Commandments and our U.S. Constitution. —Jim, 70

The number 33. It was my football jersey number, when I scored a game-winning touchdown in high school. Later, I drew it out of a hat at a fair and won a three-layer chocolate cake. And it was also my age when I got married. (Guess that counts.) —Anthony, 64

Together in a tiny bag that I carry daily: a cross, St. Anthony medal, and a heart.  —Ellen, 71

I have a ring given to me at the junior prom at Holy Cross College by my late husband. I have it on my key chain, and it is with me every day. I believe it is a lucky charm for me—perhaps the “luck of the Irish” as well. —Nancy, 82

Having a good friend.  —Roger, 65

My VIC card, so I can get all of the weekly specials.  —Jan, 67

At first I thought, “I don’t have a lucky charm! I don’t believe in them!” Then I realized, I must believe, because I have a small clear plastic egg-shaped object that has an angel inside of it that I always carry in my purse! I have carried it for years. It was given to me by my mother to keep me safe wherever I go!  —Diane, 59

When I was very young, my dad told me, “Find a penny, pick it up, and the rest of the day, you’ll have good luck!” I certainly put a penny in my pocket.  —Marion, old enough

My blanket. —Brian, 3.5

I cross my fingers, hold my breath and hope for the best.  —Jensen, 10

A shotgun shell from the first time that I hit anything with a gun. —Patrick, 9

Hailey, because when we go sledding together, we go further.  —Benjamin, 5

Pearl, my stuffed animal cat, because she gets me ready for a new day.  —Evelyn, 6

My family gives me luck. —Judy, 10

My lucky charm is Charlie. He’s my friend and brings me luck. —Greta, 4

I don’t have one. I don’t think that if you have a good luck charm it will really bring you good luck.  —Stella, 10

God is my good luck charm. —Anna, 12

My blankie, because it helps my boo boos feel better. —Caroline, 6

The number 3. —Olivia, 9

Practicing. —David, 8

My blue collar, because it stays with me. —OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 3