What’s your favorite thing to eat for Thanksgiving, and who makes it best?

OutreachNC asked adults and children our November question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.


My homemade pumpkin pie.
—Homer, 67

Stuffing for the turkey that I make. —Patricia, 65

Turkey, and I make it best.
—Katherine, 71

Creamed onions that Grandma made. —Mary, 58

Pumpkin pie, and my mom makes it best! —Gillian, 63

Stuffing and gravy that I make every year. —Leslie, 70

Chicken and dumplings.
—Davis, 78

Dressing. My mamaw made it best! —Lynne, 84

Ham and sweet potatoes that my mom made. —Edna, 87

Cornbread dressing, and I make it best. (no bragging intended).
—Elizabeth, 59

Pumpkin pie, and I make it the best. I use maple syrup instead of sugar. My secret ingredient is malted milk powder.  —David, 63
Turkey at the Pinehurst Resort.
—Brooke, 9

Turkey and potatoes and gravy. Grandma makes it it so good that I just want to eat it all.
—Jacob, 9

Pumpkin muffins, and what makes them best is the chocolate chips. —Gunnar, 10

Rolls with ham smashed in the middle. —Henry, 10

Pumpkin pie, and my mom makes it best, because I don’t fancy the pumpkin pie Nana makes. —Morgan, 9

My mom makes the best ham, and a lot of it, so I have to eat it for lunch the next day. —David, 10

Stuffing and chicken, yes, chicken. My dad makes the best chicken. The stuffing on the other hand can be bought from the store or homemade, doesn’t matter to me. I love it. —Avery, 11

Brussels sprouts with bacon. My mom puts brown sugar in them. I’m the only person who likes Brussels sprouts! —Hannah, 11

Mashed potatoes that my grandpa makes. They warm my insides. —Brayden, 11

Squash casserole, and Nana makes it best. —Maggie, 11

Mom’s key lime pie. —Alexis, 11

Cranberry sauce. I gobble it down, and I love it even more because my grandma makes it. —John, 11

Dirt cake. It’s not actually dirt. It’s Oreos broken into little pieces and sprinkled on top. —Reese, 11

Beef Wellington, since my family doesn’t eat turkey. —Olivia, 11

Turkey covered in mashed potatoes with cranberry drizzled over it. It’s so delicious with the sweetness of the cranberry and juicy meat. —Audrey, 11

Roasted potatoes with a hint of garlic. My mom makes the best! —Rachel, 11

Turkey dripping with gravy by whoever opens that delicious can! —OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 3