What’s your favorite thing to do outside?

By August 9, 2016Generations

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Eat watermelon under the big maple tree in the back yard and get in the pool every chance I get. —Kelly, 85

Grilling beer chicken and enjoying the summertime weather. —Joe, 58

Dangle my feet in a cool stream.
—Henrietta, 80

To stop and smell the roses.
—Robert, 83

Stay in the air conditioning.
—Gregg, 90

Play golf, drink wine and socialize. —Terry, 76

Sitting outside reading and enjoying the sunshine. —Lucy, 70

Stay inside and turn down the air conditioner. —Elizabeth, 83

Work in the yard and the vegetable garden.
—Bob, 87
Having a picnic with my children  and playing in a mountain stream.
—Lois, 57

Playing bocce on the beach with family and friends. —Faye, 76

Taking the boat out on Jordan Lake. —Dennis, 51

Go swimming.  I love to jump off the diving board. —Lauren, 8

Playing with my dog Jack and riding my scooter to the park to play baseball with my friends.
—Natalie, 10

Playing soccer. —Makenna, 12

Jumping ramps with my bike. —Nolan, 7

Swimming. —Caleb, 12

Doing cartwheels and gymnastics. —Allie, 10

Riding bikes. —Evan, 13

Going to the pool and taking a walk to find wild animals.  —Nathan, 7

Jumping rope. —Jadzlyn, 8

Swimming. —Hayden, 15

Blowing bubbles in the back yard. —Addison, 3

Playing in the dirt at home and making sandcastles at the beach. —Morgan, 4

Fishing. —Brady, 14

Catting around and chasing birds and squirrels just never gets old.
—OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 3