What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

OutreachNC asked adults and children our November question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.


Taking a great big nap. —Pete, 74

Cooking and eating the meal. —Gaye, 55

Having family gather at our house. —Rodney, 58

Spending the day with my kids and grandkids.  —Carol, 68

Family, friends, great food and fresh fruit salad. —Ben, 70

Pumpkin pie!  —Jack, 77

The Thanksgiving lunchtime meal. —Trevor, 63

Making my grandmother’s dressing recipe. —Brenda, 55

Eating a special meal with the whole family. —Jackie, 56

Breaking the wishbone. —Reuben, 79

Watching Hallmark Christmas movies. —Mary Lou, 67

Canned cranberry sauce sliced in the shape of the can. —Diane, 59

Going around the table and hearing what everyone is thankful for. —Damien, 7

There is no school. —Evalyn, 8

Helping my mom in the kitchen, seeing my family and spending time with them. —Brynna, 7

Having my grandma and grandpa come over to eat with us. — Jaxon, 7

Going to my nanny and papa’s house for a special dinner and opening a special Thanksgiving present. —Colette, 7

When my grandpa and aunt come over. —Malia, 7

I enjoy cooking with my mom and when I go to my uncle’s house, because he has a lake.  —Olivia, 8

Eating the turkey and pouring gravy on everything! —Connor, 7

Eating a huge feast with my family. —Hannah, 7

My uncle and aunt come to town and eating a huge dinner. —Jordyn, 7

Meeting with my family.  —Sydney, 9

Turkey and gravy, and more gravy! —OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 4