What’s your favorite memory with your mom?

OutreachNC asked adults and children our May question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

Sunday chicken and persimmon pudding. —Gordon, 73

Baking cookies. —Judy, 71

My mom and dad bringing my newborn brother home from the hospital in a fish truck. —Janet, 74

Bringing my mother home to live with us. —Terry, 74

When she played outside with my kids and had so much fun. —Shelly, 50

Seeing each of the lighthouses in the Outer Banks and climbing the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  —Melissa, 50

Cooking. —Gale, 79

Dancing with her. It was a hoot. —Barbara, 79

Shopping trips. —Peggy, 60

Reading Psalm 23.  —Sharon, 62

Teaching me how to sew.  —Caroline, 55

Easter time when she would come to see me from New York.  —James, 59

My mother sending me on the truck to go pick peaches every summer. —Jackie, 69

Having mother-daughter conversations.  —Earlena, 65

When she gave me an ice cream birthday party. —Neelix, 6

I like when we do chores together, because it means less work for both of us.  —Journey, 6

When we went to Ohio Caverns together. —John, 6

I loved when she watched a mermaid video with me on her phone. —Allison, 5

When we flew from Australia and she bought me a new toy to keep me happy. — Lucas, 6

When she says, “I love you, too.” —Chase, 5

Me and my mommy played tickle monster, and when she got me, she just tickled me so much that I couldn’t stop laughing. —Evelyn, 6

When I was a baby, I liked it when my mommy snuggled with me. —Chloe, 6

Seeing her beautiful smile when I give her flowers. —Connor, 5

When I went to Great Wolf Lodge and got a magic wand, and we did lots of cool things with it. —Tanner, 5

When me and mom went to New York, and we went to the candy store. —Gabriella, 6

When me and my mommy went to the circus. —Lawson, 6

When she loves me and hugs me all the time. —Stella, 5

Lap time and cuddling.   —OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 4