What is the best gift you ever received and why?

TitleOutreachNC asked adults and children our December question.

The joy of seeing the kids open gifts. —Bob, 64

A sisterhood diamond ring from my best friend who has now passed away. —Pamela, 59

A family portrait that my 3-year-old granddaughter drew.  —Johnny, 70

Salvation. —Rita, 67

A brand new car once, complete with a huge bow. —Joanna, 64

My Rado watch. It’s maintenance-free. —Craig, 75

A trip to Israel and the Holy Land. —Betty, 73

Friends. You always need one.  —Carole, 61

Books. I love history. —Leo, 70

Grandchildren. They are such a blessing. —Shirley, 66

My man cave. —Robert, 57

My engagement ring. —Becky, 59

My daughter and son.  —Lorraine, 79

My wife, because she married me. —Michael, 56

Smiles from my stroke-survivor husband. —Sharon, 62

A unicorn from Santa, and it has pink wings and pretty hair.  —Haley, 5

Going to GaGa and PaPa’s house and building Legos with them. —John David, 4

Getting my American Girl doll for Christmas because it can come with so many clothes.  —Charlotte, 5

My best gift was a check. It’s for my college. I got this because my family loves me and they want me to be smart when I grow up.  —Olivia, 10

A bear and a blanket. I got it right after my heart surgery so it is very special to me.   —Hannah, 10

The greatest gift I have ever received is a loving family, because without them, I would have nothing to live for. —Matthew, 11

A drum set. I had been asking for one for two years and I finally got one. —Max, 10

The best gift I’ve ever gotten was my dog, Kramer. —Harrison, 9

When my parents took me and my sister to New York to see “Cats” on Broadway. —Judy, 9

My favorite monster truck last Christmas because it was my one that I was really badly wanting.  —Harper, 5

A truck that I could actually drive around my house. I’m giving a note to Santa to thank him. —Brennen, 6

My blue paw-patterned nap blankie. —OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 3