By Gayvin Powers

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.07.50 AMOutreachNC asked school-aged children and adults 50 and over the same question to find out their thoughts about life and getting older.

Here are their responses:

What does it mean to be young at heart?

School-Aged Children

“You’re young and your heart is beating fast.”

– Yarden, 6, Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School (STARS)

“Outside you’re really old, but inside you’re really young.”  – Jack, 10, STARS

“You’re young and you take care of people.”  – Xavion, 6, STARS

“You love being young.” – Oriah, 7, STARS

“Be a little kid.”  – Danova, 6, STARS

“You don’t have very much heart.  Your brain is really young, and you aren’t very many old.”  – Gavin, 6, STARS

Adults 50+

“Young at heart means optimism – always thinking of what you CAN do rather than what you can no longer do. Keeping a positive focus on life no matter what the challenge. Faith plays a large role.”   – John, 71

“A young spirit.”   – Barbara, 58

“It’s a state of mind.” – Nancy, 53

“Not acting as old as this body feels.” – Joyce, 91

“Doing young stuff and being adventurous.” – Armand, 50

“Being able to keep up with my grandchildren.” – Jean, 81

“To smile.”  –Bob, 50

“It’s being younger than your age.” – Jean, 80