What Do You Love Most About Your Mother?

By Gayvin Powers

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.07.09 AMIn honor of Mother’s Day and Grandmother’s Day, OutreachNC asked school-aged children and adults over 50 what they love about their mothers. Here’s what they said:

“What do you love most about your mother?”

She cooks “psgetti” noodles for me at dinner. -Wyatt, 6, Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School (STARS)

She is lovely! -Aubrey, 5, STARS  

She takes me to school every morning and helps me with my homework. – Max, 8, STARS

She cooks pancakes for me every day on spring break.  – Ben, 7, STARS

She cares about me and tells me she loves me all the time. – Alayna, 9, STARS

She’s loving and takes me to places I’ve never been. – Luke, 7, STARS

She was my best friend. I remember her Southern sense of humor. – Vickie, 55

When I messed up, she still loved me. She didn’t like what I did at the time, and she went on about it. But she never stopped loving me. One Christmas she gave me a jewelry box that I still play now. The song is, “Always.” – Margaret, 77

She always loved me. Didn’t matter what was going on. She’d always listen. – Jayne, 66

Her vitality. She was spunky! – G., 88

She was my rudder, helping me steer my course in life. – G.M., 67

Her quiet, gentle nature.- Rosemary, 68

The way she stared at me when I was in trouble. – Bill, 69

She allowed me to tell her I loved her with all my heart, even if I didn’t always like her. – Mary, 72 1/2

She’s always there and loves you no matter what. – Bob, 50