What are your goals for 2017?

by Ann Robson & Michelle Goetzl

OutreachNC asked adults and children our January question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

Continue volunteering at the Coalition for Human Care and—go ZIPLINING!  —Lorraine, 83

Remain happy and positive and eat healthier. —Rhonda, 50

Declutter the house. —Sylvia, somewhere over 50

Three goals: stay active, involved and healthy; maintain relationships with family and assist when needed with advice and financial support; and keep legacy plans up to date and communicated to immediate family. —Paul, 75

Hope to make the lives of those in need a little better by volunteering my time at the Coalition. —Cliff, a kid of 81

To share my love of my work to inspire others and simplify so I have more time for those I want to know mean the most. —Katherine, 58

Maintain another year of happiness and bring awareness of the benefits of Tai chi. When our energy drops, the body flops, so we must all work hard to maintain our physical body, our emotional body and, of course, our spiritual body.  —Kitty, 71

I’ll be 85 in 2017. I was playing golf, sitting at 42 on the 9th hole this morning and blew it carrying the pond to the green. Still hoping to break 90 in 2017. —Ken, 84

I want to become more politically active, learn Snapchat, and stick to my exercise plan and get my cholesterol down enough to  satisfy my doctor. —John, 64

Get better at football.  —Rudd, 7

I want to score more goals in soccer. —Holly, 8

Learn more math and get better at it. —Makenna, 7

I want to learn more things about science. —Deegan, 7

I want to land my flip on the trampoline. —Josey, 8

Score more points in basketball.  —Lataurus, 7

I want to learn how to do the “FireBird” in dance. —Sophia, 7

I want to do more science experiments. —Nathaniel, 7

Get better at video games like my brother. —Kate, 7

Score more goals for my soccer team. —Mikayla, 7

Get better at soccer.  —Will, 8

I want to be on a team for gymnastics. —Martha Anne, 7

Get better grades. —Kenlee, 7

I want to get taller than my big brother. —Brian, 7

My goal is to be able to jump while horseback riding. —Lilea, 7

Hit into the outfield when playing softball. —Anna, 7

Average more points in my basketball game. —Sebastian, 7

Get better at football. —Dylan, 8

Be the first person to make a real “Ben 10” watch. —Ian, 7

Make a Pokémon Pokédex. —Max, 7

Helping my co-workers with all of the paperwork on their desks.  —OutreachNC Co-editor Jeeves, 3