June 2014: Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue! Benvenido! Aloha! G’Day Mate!


Welcome to the historic back-to-back USGA men’s and women’s Open championships. We’ve been getting ready for you and are pleased you’ve come. These two events promise great golf and we, the surrounding communities, promise warm hospitality.

Whether pro or amateur golfer, avid fan or just interested party, we have a lot to offer and hope you’ll give us a look while you’re here. We have many delightful shops in Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen, Cameron, Sanford, Pittsboro, Fayetteville, Laurinburg, Rockingham, Troy, Seagrove, Cary, Apex and beyond to the Raleigh-Durham area. You’ll find everything from accessories to zucchini and most things in-between.

There are a few quirks you’ll encounter that we call traffic circles. The main circle that will probably be inevitable is the Pinehurst Circle on U.S. 15-501. It is often used as reference point when getting directions. Don’t worry, most GPS systems recognize that we have this historic landmark and will guide you safely around.

Some things to remember as you come upon any traffic circle:  vehicles in the circle have the right of way. If you’re not sure which exit to take, continue around until you find the exit you want. It’s OK if you go around a few times—better than getting off too soon and trying to find your way back. The Pinehurst Circle has excellent signage, both on the actual road and regular traffic signs.

This circle also provides a second lane so that you can go from one exit to the next without actually getting into the full circle traffic. A caution: be sure you want this bypass as those in the lane on your left will not take kindly to your last minute change of mind. There’s another circle near the entrance to the resort’s Carolina Hotel  and Pinehurst No. 2. It’s a pretty straightforward one, and as long as you recognize the person in the circle has the right of way, you’ll be fine.

The third circle you may come upon is close to the Moore County Airport on N.C. 22. If you’ve driven in Great Britain and other countries, these roundabouts will be a cinch. If you’re new to this form of traffic control, take a deep breath, read the signs, watch for openings in traffic, and you’ll get the hang of it.

Golf is what brought you here, but we’d like you to see some of our other gifts: horse country and pottery country. Both are within an hour, depending on where you are staying. Horse country will make you think of Kentucky. Pottery country is special unto itself. You’ll find vivid table pieces alongside earthy works of art. There are many potteries scattered among our highways and byways, notably N.C. 705. One of the side benefits is that you usually get to visit with the potter. And what great gifts to take home!

For those visiting the South for the first time, when you order iced tea, be sure you specify sweet or unsweetened. Of course you could try an Arnold Palmer, a treat of half lemonade and half sweet tea.

We hope you have a wonderful time and plan to sit a spell and get to know us. And … y’all come back, y’hear.