By Gayvin Powers

When did you start painting?

Started in my 40’s when I was consulting.  Worked during the days in factories, and was moved by the physicality of the workers in an auto plant, so sketched them on the night shift and then painted paintings from the sketches later.

What’s your background in painting sheep?

I have done a series of my sheep (from the flock I had when I lived in England) with red backgrounds…I had a small farm in the Cotswolds in England when I had a management consulting business there, and often painted my sheep. Now, I work from photos of them.

What is the best part of being an artist?

Best part of being an artist is the joy of the work, of seeing something, or being moved by something and trying to convey the feeling or emotion with paint.

What is your motto in life?

Be brave.

Why did you move to England?

I moved to England so that I could get home at night! Working in the States, I was always taking planes long distances and having to stay in hotels all week. Also, I simply loved living abroad. It worked out pretty well with my marriage, had a little farm in the Cotswolds and worked between the Midlands and London.

When did you come to the States?

I sold my business there (England) and moved back to the States to become a full-time painter. I have lived in Southern Pines since 2000.

Did your parents paint or create art? If so, who? How did they inspire you?

My father was a photo engraver (that field doesn’t exist any more); he had a wonderful business in New York.  Both parents painted as a hobby when they had time. They inspired me by my just seeing them have a go with painting, and we had a lot of art which they had bought in our home.

Aside from painting, what is important to you?

The art keeps me pretty busy along with my nonprofit organization, Karimu, which does work in Tanzania, Africa. I work with all kinds of issues there: women’s empowerment, education and children. I’m doing a big, joint project with two schools in Tanzania and The O’Neal School here in Pinehurst.