Inspiration Is a Two-Way Trail

By August 14, 2017Editor's Notebook

Day 172 of my walking/running journey went by as mostly unremarkable, as the minutes ticked by on the treadmill for another successful 3.1 miles (5K equivalent) complete. Despite making it a habit to complete the mileage five and six days a weeks, each time on the treadmill or trail is different for me, depending on my mindset, stress level or the presence of a friend.

This journey has become a life-changing decision, one that I try to make a priority but one that has been so much easier with support. It is rare for a day to pass without an encouraging word or surprise gift from my friends, family and co-workers, and that kindness makes the impossible possible every time. They use the word inspiration, and I am flattered, but it also makes me hold myself accountable.

So inspiration works both ways. When it has been a long day or a challenge arises, skipping the trip to the gym or the trail seems easier, but I have decided to still lace up and go. I am happy for a 24/7 gym, since I may be one of the few there at 11 p.m. or among the many at 5:30 p.m.

If blisters and a detached retina didn’t stop progress, I remind myself that being tired or stressed should not stop it either. Music can be motivating, but so can a podcast (I am in love with Story Brand) or leadership books (“Leadership and Self-Deception” is my favorite) or whatever happens to be on HGTV. I always wonder what others are listening to since ear buds are plugged in on just about everyone.

On the trail, I am usually with a buddy, and that conversation is always precious. I soak it up and appreciate every step even more. Throw in the lush landscape and wildlife (except for that one snake episode), and the mileage is secondary to the company and experience.

I have always found friendship to be at the heart of my endeavors, and this one is no exception. I am grateful to have surrounded myself with those who continually inspire me to be my best and go farther. So onward…

–Carrie Frye, Editor