Generations: What is your favorite halloween costume?

by Corbie Hill & Michelle Goetzl

OutreachNC asked adults and children our October question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

What is your favorite halloween costume?

The Black Hole – Beattie, 7

Elvis – Rose, 76

A cow – Tessa, 5

I was always a ghost as a kid – Mary, 70

Jack Sparrow – Max, 13

Harry Potter – Nik, 10

A kitten – Liat, 9

An astronaut – Victor, 72

A dragon – Yael, 5

A bat – Aislyn, 5

A flower child – Susan, 85

A rock star – Olivia, 7

Spock – Corbie, 36

Elpheba from Wicked – Judy, 11

Cat – Hailey, 11

A go-go dancer – Yolanda, 68

Ant Man – David, 8

Pikachu – Timmy, 7

Hocus Pocus – Chloe, 7

Luigi – Gideon, 4

Power Rangers – Asher, 7

I think I’ll dress up as myself – Joseph, 54

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