Generations: June Question of the Month

What’s you dream vacation?

Two weeks in Maui. – Wiley, 88

A big house on the beach with a boat and fishing gear. – Chris, 11

Going to the set of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I would also like to be on the set of Avengers and Justice League. – Carson, 10

Tokyo. – Brooke, 10

To visit every Disney resort in the world. – Joanna, 11

Any time and place that grandchildren are present. – Ray, 72

Exploring space on the Starship Enterprise. I’m not sure I’d want to come back again, though. – Corbie, 36

Thailand, to enjoy the architecture, beautiful art and ecosystem. – Hope, 11

To go to Rome. I have always wanted to see the Coliseum. – Sophia, 10

Traveling in my camper. – Melinda, 63

I would like to go to Utah because there is a lot of horse riding there. – Mia, 10

Going to London, so I could see the Premier League games. I would love to see a World Cup game, like England vs Spain. – Henry, 11

River cruising in Europe. – Carol, 74

My dream vacation would be to go to Greece and Rio. I would want to go to Greece because I like learning about Greek culture. – Aly, 11

To go to a nice lake for a week. – Marilyn, 90

Hawaii, because I would like to go surfing. – Michaela, 10

Alaska [or] New England fall tour. – Hilda, 76

Home. – Belinda, 62