Generations: If you could be a bird, which one would you be?

by Corbie Hill & Michelle Goetzl

OutreachNC asked adults and children our September question. Share your answer on our Facebook page.

An ostrich because I heard my sister might be allergic to them! Just kidding! I’d be a peregrine falcon so I could beat Usain Bolt. – Jack, 10

I would be a bluebird because they are pretty and get to live where it’s warm. – Janet, 65

Hummingbird. They get to eat sugar all day. – Macey, 13

A super speedy hummingbird. 
– Tyler, 6

Cockatoo. – Mabel, 76

Peacock. – Gay, 87

A crow because they are insanely smart with generational memories.
– Erik, 13

An albatross. – Corbie, 36

Pileated woodpecker – thus protected. – Ginny, 92

I would be a rock collecting penguin because I love rocks and do not like to fly. – Layla Joyce, 8

I want to be a penguin like Happy Feet! – Sadie, 3

It depends on how the bird is prepared. Oh, wait, you aren’t giving me one? – Jeeves the cat, 5

Carolina wren. They are so spunky.
– Ethel, 79

An eagle. Their speed and agility would make you faster. Plus, they are one of my spirit animals.
– Kate, 9

Cardinal. – Aida, 70

Amazon parrot. – Beverly, 80

Flamingo! – Samantha, 3

A dog – Micah, 5

I’d rather be a dog. – Laurie, 80

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