Generations: August 2015 Question of the Month

By July 31, 2015Generations

OutreachNC asked adults and children our August question. Share your answer on our Facebook.

What’s your favorite summertime memory outdoors with family and friends?

watermelonBeing at Grandma’s house with homemade ice cream and glass-bottled Cokes in a metal tub full of ice. —Kaye, 63

Working in tobacco, then at noon jumping in the creek to cool off and then a home-cooked meal: fresh corn, green beans, sliced tomatoes and watermelon for dessert. —Randy, 55

Building a fort in the woods in the back of my house and camping out with sleeping bags. —Debbie, 59

Sitting on UNC-Greensboro’s Hippy Hill with friends. About five years ago, we got the whole crew together and went back to the hill and took pictures again. —Deidre, 63

Traveling during the summer with my husband and kids, by car, sometimes by air and often, we went on cruises. —Nancy, 86

Spending the summers with my grandparents in California and going to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. —Paul, 64

Going to Jones Beach, Long Island with the kids, riding on our boat and dancing on Saturday nights. —Gloria, 83

Drinking soda, catching lightning bugs in a jar, and eating homemade ice cream and watermelon slices until we had stomachaches. —Shirley, 76

Growing up in South Carolina, we went to Myrtle Beach a lot, and some of my best memories are of eating watermelon on the beach. —Louise, 86

Cookouts with friends and neighbors. —Deborah, 59

Summer on the Blue Ridge Parkway with my children playing in the creeks and on the mountain side and watching wildlife. —Randy, 60

Summer at my Great Aunt Maude and Uncle Charlie’s farm with his prized bee hives, filling jars with the extracted honey. —Debbie, 60

Swimming, playing, camping and going to Topsail Beach for my birthday. —Olivia, 8

Bike racing around the neighborhood.—Gavin, 8

Playing baseball, looking for shells and shark teeth and going to the water park. —Dawson, 8

Going to the garden to pick food and water stuff and catch lizards. —Nolan, 5

Camping at Jordan Lake. —Daniel, 11

Whitewater rafting in Oregon. —Alex, 10

Doing the Fourth of July with my granddaddy. He gets the real stuff! —Ethan, 10

Riding my bike to the lake and watching the turtles pop their heads up. —Kwenton, 4

Jumping over the sprinklers. —Fletcher, 4

Going to San Diego on vacation and just spending time with family. —Natalie, 9

When I went to Sea World and watched the dolphins, bought a stuffed shark and looked for sharks in the ocean. —Nathan, 6

Playing at the pool with all of my friends. —Judy, 8

Being at the beach. —Evelyn, 4

Watching birds and squirrels until I decide which ones to chase. —Co-editor Jeeves, 2