Click to read the July 2017 Food For Thought issue

July brings the heat, backyard barbecues, fireflies and all of the wonders of summer. This month, we are also tempting your taste buds with our “Food For Thought” issue.

Inside, you’ll find plenty of foods that can boost your brain health, a recipe for Southern pound cake and even meet those who demonstrate meals and offer a few of their best cooking tips.

There are six foods we’ll introduce you to that are a little more on the adventurous side, but all well worth your consideration. Special thanks to Leslie Phillip for helping us create some delicious recipes to bring this feature and our beautiful cover of mango black rice to life.

We could not be in Carolina without talking about some barbecue, and we will go behind the scenes with contributing writer and barbecue judge Ray Linville for an insider’s look at what makes the best barbecue.

If anyone is an authority on barbecue, it is seven-time world barbecue champion Melissa Cookston, and we sit down with her for our Carolina Conversations. She talks about competition barbecue, running successful restaurants, including Memphis Barbecue Co. in Fayetteville, and offers a few tips for backyard barbecuers.

The side yard and 3.5 acres of Gary and Connie Dunn of Biscoe have grown into White Oak Farm and a second career as growers for the Montgomery and Moore farmers markets. With a focus on sustainable and pesticide-free farming, the Dunns are dedicated to providing the highest quality produce to their neighbors.

Writer Nan Leaptrott shares a compilation of family recipes and ways to create some homemade gifts now that can be savored when Christmas arrives, and it will be here in the blink of an eye.

Our salute to World War II veterans continues with Harnett County native Tom Stewart, who served in the U.S. Navy as a medic and loaned his skills to the Australian navy aboard the HMAS Westralia. This month and every day, as we celebrate our freedom, we offer our appreciation and gratitude to all who serve.

Thank you so much for turning these pages with us. Co-editor Jeeves’s food for thought is to fill his dinner bowl with more turkey and cheese. Until next month…


-Carrie Frye. Editor