by Carrie Frye | Photography by Diana Matthews

January and a new year’s clean slate have arrived along with Old Man Winter.

This month is dedicated to being Fit After 50, as we examine ways to embark upon or maintain movement, flexibility, strength and healthier eating habits. There are plenty of tips to help you age with success, get organized and also learn the history and upcoming speakers of the The Ruth Pauley Lecture Series.

We sit down for our Carolina Conversations with   WRAL-TV Health Team’s Dr. Allen Mask, who squeezed us in before his weekday evening 5:30 newscast segment to talk about balancing his health team reports with treating patients and his tips for being fit after 50.

We traveled to Biscoe to see how embracing the Mediterranean diet is changing one man’s life for the better with fresh vegetables, some right out of his garden.

We learned how thyroid cancer changed a Carthage woman’s life, and how she is encouraging others to be conscious of their thyroid health.

Since many a New Year’s resolution is bound to involve exercise, we have some age-appropriate tips from your 40s to 80s as well as five creative ways to get going on a fitness plan that is fun and fits your life. May all your New Year’s resolutions turn into “All Year” goals that are achieved, to borrow a phrase from our fitness columnist, Mark Ford.

We also introduce our World Word II series sharing a story from the Greatest Generation of veterans, kicking off with our own “Nonagenarian” columnist, Glenn Flinchum.

Capturing some of the stories and photography for this issue, I had the honor of spending quality time with our cover girl and personal trainer, Katherine Rice, and some students in Aberdeen. Inspiring. Motivating. Beautiful inside and out. All of these women were great sports about posing, and I believe also made for some beautiful photography. Thank you ladies!

It is always an honor to meet the people we interview every month and share their stories. They always inspire me, perhaps even a bit more with the dawning of a New Year.

Thank you so much for turning these pages with us! Co-editor Jeeves is busy clearing the papers off my desk for his after-supper nap. Until next month…