by Carrie Frye, Editor

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and sometimes, it hits you right in the eye. Luckily for me, a routine eye exam showed a detached retina, which meant a specialist and eye surgery, scleral buckling surgery. The cause — nearsightedness — since I am not a boxer nor had any head trauma.

I wasn’t prepared — as no one would be — but the good news is that it is repairable. As I continue on my walking and running journey, I wasn’t sure of the impact the recovery time would entail but assumed it would be a blow to my momentum.

I actually used a day of rest on the surgery day, but the day after, I was approved for light walking, so I did just that. I went back to work and walked that evening with my dad on the trail for a full 3.1 miles. I did walk much slower and methodically than I normally do, but just being out there seemed to make my eye feel better and make me appreciate the opportunity to walk, especially one with a scenic view.

My eye doesn’t look amazing — mostly like someone hit me with a right hook — but it will eventually heal, and I get to carry on this journey, albeit at a slower pace for awhile.

I had just joined a gym with my walking buddy to beat the weather when a week’s worth of rain would have hindered progress. So I am now learning to embrace walking on a treadmill. My introverted side wanted no part of this leg of the journey; however, staying true to a goal won out, so a card-carrying gym member I am. Another curve ball perhaps, but at least this time, I am swinging for the fences.

Who knows, I may come to be one with a treadmill. I can listen to music, watch HGTV, chart a course, so far New Zealand and Germany are among my virtual travels, or just enjoy the sound of the machines moving in rhythm.

So I have made it to Day 100, and I have a plan to be on a treadmill at the gym with my walking buddy to mark the occasion. Honestly, that support of the ones I care about the most keeps me pushing forward and finding joy in this journey. Whatever curve balls lie ahead, although I secretly hope no more hit me in the eye, I am looking forward to the next 100 days of miles and precious time with friends, be it treadmill or trail. Onward…