Explore All Kinds of Fitness This Year

by Ann Robson


The party’s over, and the music has stopped playing. The place is a mess with party hats, streamers and empty glasses scattered about. It’s New Year’s Day, and the party last night was wonderful.

Now, it’s time for a reality check.

What did you resolve to do in 2017? A good guess would be something to do with getting fit as in exercising and eating better. But wait, didn’t you promise you’d do that last year—and the year before that? Being fit is still a great idea, but there are many kinds of fitness besides exercise and health.

Your mind should be fit, too. If there are things bothering you, resolve to address them within the first month of the year. It’s housekeeping for your mind when you get rid of things that eventually eat at you and crowds out new, good thoughts. You will feel better and discover things about yourself that had been weighed down by negative thoughts.

Social fitness is another resolution to consider. As we age, friendships and social gatherings become more important, because we lose some dear friends along the way and find ourselves doing less and less. Friendship is a wonderful gift you give yourself as well as your friends. Sometimes, it takes work, but it is well worth the effort. Friends help us through good times, bad times and the times in between. They know our shortcomings and like us anyway.

Another kind of social fitness happens in groups. Whatever your personality type—shy, outgoing, opinionated, fun-loving or serious—when you’re invited to a social event, you should let your inner self shine. Be it a group large or small, if you are invited, go and enjoy it. You never know, you might find your new best friend. For some who have recently found themselves alone, getting back into the social scene is difficult. Start small, and go to a dinner or a concert with two or three acquaintances. Gradually, you’ll feel less alone and more ready for socializing.

A socially appropriate wardrobe can help you feel fit to do anything. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe, though. Examine what you like best in your closet. Does it need a little touch of pizazz or glamour? Scarves are a creative way to add color and style. The other side of this is getting rid of things you have not worn for a year. If a year isn’t enough time, take two years. If what you are discarding still has good use, there are several thrift shops in your area where your things can find new owners. Getting your wardrobe fit won’t be done quickly, but it can be done. That could be your resolution: This time next year, I will have clothes perfect for every occasion.

Magazines at this time of year are filled with suggestions for organizing everything, making your home fit and proper. If it happens that we don’t all live perfectly organized lives, there are ways for the two to get along. Read the suggestions and think how an idea can be adapted to fit your busy household.

No matter which “fit” you choose to be in 2017, good luck!


Robson is the author of “Over My Shoulder: Tales of Life and Death and Everything In Between.” She can be reached at overmyshoulder@charter.net