Downsizing By Design and 7 Years of OutreachNC

February is here, and perhaps the groundhog’s prediction will be a good one for an early spring. Life’s seasons move just as quickly, and this month’s issue is dedicated to “Downsizing By Design.”

Moving is one of life’s many journeys, and we’ll meet several of our neighbors who are making the most of their decisions to downsize here in the Sandhills. We’ll look at the latest trends that boomers are seeking to either remodel in their existing home or find in a new one, and some of the stress-relieving benefits smaller can provide. We’ll meet some
transition and organizing professionals who’ve never met too much clutter and get their advice on how to scale down, as well as what to do if clutter becomes a hoarding disorder.

We continue our salute to World War II veterans this month with centenarian Roy Hanna, as he shares his heroic story from being on the battlefield. We go in the studio with 550 AM WIOZ’s morning host
of “Sunrise in the Sandhills,” Steve Biddle, who makes a habit of waking listeners up weekdays from 6-9 a.m.

As always, in these pages, we hope you’ll find informative articles to help you age with success. This month also marks our seventh anniversary of bringing OutreachNC to you. We know our greatest competitor is your time, and we are so thankful that you
choose to spend some quality time with us every month.

We strive to bring you heartfelt and meaningful stories of neighbors sharing experiences and making a difference every day. My first interview back in 2010 for the debut issue of OutreachNC was with Russ Mills of Southern Pines, a WWII veteran and a man of Moore history. At the time, he was 91 and still visiting a few select clients with his exterminating services. What an amazing man! Since then, there have been countless interviews, photo sessions, page layouts, late nights and the addition of co-editor Jeeves. And probably too much coffee, but as my most recent interviewee, Steve Biddle, says, “Black coffee is serious work coffee, but it seems like it works better.” Steve, I couldn’t agree more.

So, co-editor Jeeves and I raise our cups, and thank you for turning these pages with us. Until next month…


–Carrie Frye, Editor