May is upon us, and 2017 seems to already be flying by at record pace. Spring’s full arrival brings this month’s theme of DIY Boom into full bloom.

We came up with six easy craft projects for this issue, and with a lot of help from my teammate friends, we created each of them. As far as how they turned out, we will let you be the judge. To my AOS team, you have my abundant thanks and my undying gratitude for your sweat equity, time and talent. Not only did the projects leave this editor with plenty to smile about, I am also no longer afraid of using a glass cutter. Co-editor Jeeves made a great model for our repurposed vintage window frame, too, so check out our springtime craft projects on Page 36.

We’ll also introduce you to some local crafters and artisans working with all kinds of mediums: wood, découpage, oils and pastels, and fabric and chalk paint.

We go behind the scenes for Carolina Conversations with “This Old House” master carpenter Norm Abram, who lets us in on his own to-do project lists and making a career focused on craftsmanship.

Our salute to World War II veterans continues this month with Hope Mills’ former mayor, Al Brafford. This month, Mr. Brafford celebrates his 101st birthday and 75th wedding anniversary with his lovely wife, Edith. It was my honor to spend an afternoon with him. This Memorial Day, we remember and honor those lost in service to our country and thank them and their families for their sacrifice.

As we also celebrate mothers this month, there are some great and funny lessons learned in our “Over My Shoulder” column on Page 64, and some sweet answers to the “Generations” question, “What’s your favorite memory with your mom?” on Page 66. We wish all the moms a very Happy Mother’s Day from the OutreachNC team!

As always, this issue is packed with information to help you age with success with everything from coping with spring allergies to toning your bones against osteoporosis.

Thank you so much for turning pages with us again this month! Co-editor Jeeves is ready for some cuddle time. Until next month…


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