Better With Age: 1930 Graham

By July 31, 2015Better with Age

DM5D6228-3by Carrie Frye

Jim and Joan Annis of Pinehurst are the proud owners of this 1930 Graham. This automobile is a “survivor” in classic car terms. It is unrestored and has been in the Annis family since Jim’s grandfather, James Annis, purchased it brand new in Illinois.

“It’s an original preservation class,” Jim says.

Graham-Paige automobiles, manufactured by the Graham Brothers—Joseph, Robert and Ray— in Indiana in 1927 were powered by Dodge engines.
According to Automobile Quarterly, the new line of five Graham-Paige cars made its debut in January 1928 at the New York Automobile Show, ranging in price from $860 to $2,485. All of the models featured engines with an L-head design and aluminum pistons along with graceful, flowing lines.

The couple calls this classic’s color tobacco brown in honor of its North Carolina residence.

“My favorite thing about our Graham is that it has been in Jim’s family all these years,” Joan says, “and I do love its wooden spokes.”