1930 Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan

By October 5, 2015Better with Age

by Carrie Frye | Photography by Diana Matthews

dodge frontOwned now by Steve and Marion Moss of Aberdeen, this green 1930 Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan has had only four owners and was orginally purchased in Pennsylvania before traveling to Moore County.
Leo Arey, a friend of the Mosses’, previously owned the classic from 1956 until he passed away in 2002.

“I love old cars, and this one was special since it belonged to my friend,” Steve says. “It is mostly original with the exception of being repainted its orginal color.”

The Dodge Brothers, John and Horace, formed their car company in Detroit in 1900. Still ranking second in American auto sales in 1920, both brothers died of unrelated illnesses in that year, leaving the company to their widows.
Dodge was eventually sold to Chrysler in 1928. In 1930, the new Dodge line offered six- and eight-cyclinder models when gas averaged 10 cents per gallon. The four-door sedan with seating for five was the most popular model, with 33,000 produced.

The Mosses appreciate the 1930 sedan’s roomier interior, privacy shades in the back window, wooden spokes and big headlights.

Inside the storage compartment under the front seat, the couple found a crumpled envelope. Surprisingly enough, they were able to trace the envelope back to a family who still lives in Vass, and the son who had learned to drive in his father’s 1930 sedan.

The classic sedan’s odometer now tallies 63,000 miles and is always ready for the next joy ride.

“It certainly gets people’s attention,” Steve says. “It is fun to drive, and we drive all over Moore and Hoke counties.”